WP SVG Icons

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The 3.0 patch and the pro version are both fully backwards compatible with all previous versions. Upgrade without fear!

Generate and use beautiful font icons anywhere on your site without ever having to write a single line of code. Now you’re no longer limited to the icons that come bundled with your theme. You can upload, install and use your own icon packs without ever dealing with confusing FTP programs. Simply upload the .zip and start using your icons in a matter of minutes.

We’ve listened to your feature requests, and we’re pleased to announce the newest addition to WP SVG Icons, the custom icon pack uploader!8
Now, you’re no longer limited to the icons that come pre-packaged with the plugin. Create an unlimited number of custom icon combinations and start using them on your site in a matter of minutes.

How To:

  1. Visit IcoMoon and begin selecting icons you want to use
  2. Import icomoon icons from the library
  3. select which icons you want to include in your pack
  4. Click ‘Font’ at the bottom of the browser window
  5. Click ‘Preferences’ and input a font-name and a customized prefix (must end in – for best results)
  6. Click ‘Download’
  7. Import the .zip right into the plugin and start using your fonts! No coding required!
  8. Keep the feature requests coming, I’m listening!!!

Check Out The Plugin Demo Page

I originally created this plugin for my own personal use on client projects. After witnessing the power of this plugin first hand, I wanted to give a little something back to the community who have helped me through the years. The ‘WordPress SVG Icon Set’ is extremely easy for any one to use. Two clicks of the mouse and you have an icon ready to be placed on to your site. These icons are a set of web-fonts, and are extremely scale-able. Meaning they will not degrade in quality the larger they get. Another great feature of this plugin is the ability to use the same icons across all devices. No need to generate Retina specific images for mobile devices. By setting a max-width on the icon, it then becomes responsive. This plugin is also great for developers who use icons on multiple sites and want to avoid the hassle of re-installing web fonts on to a new server every time. With this plugin its one click and you’re ready to begin working. You can use these any where in your themes.