Timeline Express

With the purchase of Timeline Express pro you’ll receive priority support and updates for 1 full calendar year.

If you need to store dates prior to 1970, you may want to consider purchasing our Historical Dates add-on, which enables dates to be saved between the years 1000-9999.

Timeline Express Pro comes packed with all of the same features as the free version, but has additional features enabled to enhance the functionality of Timeline Express out of the box.


  • Full WPML Support
  • Setup multiple Timelines and assign announcements to any or all of the timelines.
  • Assign categories to announcements.
  • All new sorting features. Sort timelines by categories or by timeline.
  • Display categories on single announcement templates.
  • Localized date pickers for international users using filters.
  • RTL support for international users.
  • New: Limit the timeline to a set number of posts and display pagination buttons. Great for lengthy timelines.

Timeline Express comes ready for translation. 99% of the plugin is currently translated into the following languages. (Some pro features may not currently be translated):

– English
– Chinese (zh_CN) – thanks goes to Vahi Chen
– Portuguese (pt_BR) – thanks goes to Gustavo Magalhães
– Polish (pl_PL) – thanks goes to Kanios
– German (de_DE) – thanks goes to Martin Gerlach
– French (fr_FR) – thanks goes to Julien Lambert
– Hungarian (hu_HU) – thanks goes to Zsolt

We’re always looking for polyglots to help with the translations. If you enjoy this plugin, speak multiple languages and want to contribute please contact me about how you can help translate things so users around the world can also benefit from this plugin.

For a full list of features, check out the Timeline Express Feature List!