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For my first free file I wanted to share something that I use quite often, and one that may be of some use to other freelancers. Obviously, when completing work for clients you’re usually required to send them an invoice with a breakdown of the work you completed and the rate you are charging. But sending over one of those basic, black and white, invoices’ created inside excel just seems too unprofessional to me, especially when coming from a designer. Take pride in every aspect of your business. From your website all the way down to your invoices, you should have everything designed well. Imagine how many potential freelancers your client must choose from before they select you. Having professionally designed documents is just as important as your website and business cards.

“Take pride in every aspect of your business”

Your brand carries through and will constantly maintain a perception of your company and your work. You really want to stand out to your client base. The invoice s the last thing the client will be receiving from you, and you want to make a truly lasting impression. Mainly, so you appear as professional as possible but also so when the client is looking for freelancers for their next project, you’re first time come to mind.

This is the invoice that I use when sending over my final costs to a client. Feel free to download it and use it as your own invoice free of charge.

Would you like another free template ? Maybe you want a free WordPress site template? Let me know in the comments what you want to see next and I’ll do my best to get more free content up, as fast as possible!

Fonts Used

Corbel – Download
Bebas – Download
Calibri – Download

Invoice Preview


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