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Introducing a brand new , fully redesigned YouTube browsing experience brought directly to your WordPress dashboard.

YouTube for WordPress is the most valuable YouTube solution for WordPress installations, allowing you to maintain any YouTube account directly from your WordPress dashboard.

Plugin Works Best In Modern Browsers


1. Customizeable YouTube player to fit the look and feel of your site
2. Upload new content directly to your account and assign them to a playlist
3. Browse through your entire channel (uploads, playlists, likes, favorites, watch history)
4. Insert any content directly from your account
5. Search YouTube directly from your dashboard for videos, playlists or browse entire channels!
6. Explore new channels and subscribe or unsubscribe directly from the plugin dashboard
7. Easy to use shortcodes for everything!
8. Translation ready
9. Extremely extensible for custom functionality not built in
10. The best support around
11. Awesome documentation (and constantly growing)

YouTube for WordPress is built up on the latest version of the YouTube API (v3.0) enabling some truly amazing features out of the box. Some features include (but are not limited to) uploading new content to your account, browsing your entire channel, searching YouTube for new videos/playlists/channels, keeping up with your subscriptions, insert single videos or entire playlists and so much more.

Anyone using YouTube as their video hosting solution should be using this plugin. Check out the YouTube for WordPress demo site for examples, documentation, tutorials, support and premium add-ons.

YouTube for WordPress requires a Google OAUTH and API Key – for help with obtaining your keys, please visit our support article

Easy to Use Shortcodes

YouTube for WordPress provides some extremely easy to use shortcodes. You can either manually enter shortcodes onto a page, or use the ‘Insert to Post’ to quickly and easily embed videos or playlists into a post (and automatically generate the shortcode for you).

Some shortcodes that come bundled with YouTube for WordPress

1. [yt4wp-video video_id="123456"] – single videos embed
2. [yt4wp-playlist playlist_id="123456"] – playlist embed
3. [yt4wp-grid playlist_id="123456"] – playlist grid layout
4. [yt4wp-grid channel_id="123456"] – channel grid layout
5. [yt4wp-grid search_term="WordPress Tutorials"] – search term grid layout

View Documentation and Examples


For more information regarding premium add-ons, please review the Add Ons Overview page. Some add-ons we have scheduled for release include:

1. YouTube Embedded Player Customizer
2. Front End User Uploads
3. YouTube Analytics
4. Post Creation/Mass Video Import
5. Playlist Manager
6. Automatic Account Monitoring
7. Live Streaming

and more…


Along with some premium add-ons, we have a few premium themes in the works as well that will be released down the road.


YouTube for WordPress may be the most highly supported YouTube WordPress plugin to date. As changes are made to the Google/YouTube API this plugin will continue to grow, and extend it’s functionality. Due to the overwhelming popularity of this plugin, support will be provided to support license holders first. All other support will be provided through the WordPress plugin repository support forums, located [here]( At the moment, only free support is provided. In the coming weeks, we will be transitioning over to a licensing and support ticket system.

For a full list of features please visit the Features section of the YouTube for WordPress site.

For support options, please visit the main YouTube for WordPress support page

Documentation and Examples

You can find the complete documentation up on the YouTube for WordPress site. You can also find a few examples of some features you can start using right out of the box!

Note : the YouTube for WordPress documentation is a work in progress. as time progresses, the documentation , developer documentation and examples sections will grow ten fold with specific working examples.

Please check back frequently for updates to the documentation, examples and add-ons section of the site. As time progresses, tutorials and more advanced examples will be added to the documentation.