Timeline Express Bundle

Important: This product bundle includes Timeline Express Pro and all of our free and premium add-ons for Timeline Express. Additionally, any future add-ons released will be added to this bundle – granting you access to future products. All products in the bundle will allow for up to 5 or 10 site activations.

The Timeline Express Bundle grants you access to the Timeline Express pro plugin as well as all of our free and premium add-ons that we have built out. This bundle can be purchased in both 5 and 10 site licenses, meaning you can activate the base plugin and all of it’s add-ons on up to 10 sites for one low price.

Purchasing each add-on individually, with a five site license, would run upwards of $200.00. Purchasing this bundle gets you the greatest discount, and access to all of our current and future add-ons.

When it comes time to re-new your license, you can do so at a discounted rate of 40%. That means, when it comes time to renew – Timeline Express Pro and all of it’s add-ons will only cost $59.40!

Included In This Bundle:

  1. Timeline Express Pro

    Timeline Express pro packs all of the features included in the free version and then some. Create multiple timelines, assign categories to announcements, display multiple timelines per page, filter timelines by category/timline and so much more.

  2. Timeline Express – Post Types Add-On

    Timeline Express Post Types Add-on allows users to generate highly customized Timelines using any post, page or custom post type available on your site. This includes creating timelines using WooCommerce Products, Testimonials, Job Listings and many many more!

  3. Timeline Express – AJAX Limits Add-On

    Timeline Express AJAX Limits Add-on enables a new parameter in your shortcodes to limit your timelines to a specified number. Additionally a link is displayed below the timeline allowing users to fetch and display more announcements on the timeline. Limiting your timelines to a set number is quick, easy and user friendly (and looks great too!).

  4. Timeline Express – Historical Dates Add-On

    Timeline Express Historical Dates Add-on allows users to create announcement dating all the way back to the year 1000. Many sites have limitations on how far back they can store a date. With this add-on we’ve re-worked how dates are stored and referenced from the database, allowing you to create and display announcements anytime between the years 1000 and 9999.

  5. Timeline Express – Single Column Add-On

    Timeline Express Single Column Add-on enables a new shortcode paramter (single-column="1") allowing you to set which timelines on your site are displayed in a single column. Sometimes the two column layout is too much for a narrow area of your site, or maybe you just prefer the single column layout, now you can quickly and easily generate single column Timeline layouts – without ever touching any code.

  6. Timeline Express – White Label Add-On

    Timeline Express White Label Add-on quickly and effortlessly hides any and all reference to the Code Parrots branding on your site. If you’re developing a custom client site, but don’t want our branding all over it – this is the product for you. Removing the logos, backlinks and any reference to Code Parrots at all.

  7. Timeline Express – HTML Excerpts Add-on

    Timeline Express HTML Excerpts Add-on enables a new field on the announcement posts, ‘Custom Excerpt’. This new field will be used in place of the default excerpt generated by the plugin. You can include HTML in the custom excerpt field, including but not limited to images, video, audio and shortcodes.

Purchase the Timeline Express complete product bundle now and save yourself or your client money!